Chitkar - Email Campaign Tool for membership organisations

Chitkar is an email newsletter distribution and management tool designed for member based organisations who maintain separate membership databases.

OpenCaseTracker Version 1 Released

OpenCaseTracker is an HR case management tool. Designed to provide a centralised, transparent case management system for unions or HR teams OpenCaseTracker, via a standard web browser, allows access from any networked computer to personalised case lists, histories and case information.

Individual staff members are provided with personal logins and the ability to have cases assigned to them. Comments, file notes and digital documents are all stored with central cases allowing for simple reviews, summarised reporting, easy case transfers and effective team management.

Mobile devices, LimeSurvey and the slider control!

Mobile devices are increasingly being used by participants when they fill out surveys, and this poses a series of issues for LimeSurvey administrators.

Apart from the obvious problem that most mobile devices are tiny with small screens, and it is hard to develop good simple survey layouts that work nicely in them - other issues can arise - such as the way that various form tools perform inside mobile devices.

Having an 'I agree' button instead of 'next'

Quite a few surveys that I set up require participants to "agree" to participating. They are presented with a set of conditions, or a statement of rules. How can we change the standard question format so that the participant clicks "I Agree" instead of "Next >>"?

Putting "None of the Above" last on a list (even after 'Other')

A client recently contacted me with an interesting problem relating to Multiple Choice questions.


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