Designed for unions or human resource units, OpenCaseTracker is the simplest and best way to manage your team’s caseload.

Via a standard web browser, allows access from any networked computer to personalised case lists, histories and case information. Individual staff members are provided with personal logins and the ability to have cases assigned to them. Comments, file notes and digital documents are all stored with central cases allowing for simple reviews, summarised reporting, easy case transfers and effective team management.

Feature Summary

  • Individual case files containing:
    • comment system,
    • file attachment (digital file storage),
    • case histories,
    • Case linking (related cases, parent/child cases)
    • Management and staff email notifications
    • Integrated (optional) billing system
    • Management review page
  • Web based interface allows access from any connected computer using standard web browsers. This allows for easy access from remote locations if needed.
  • Mobile optimised web interface for mobile devices
  • Detailed reports A range of built in reports provide summaries of case numbers, case types and more. Reports can be created, modified and built as necessary. Built in reports include
    • Aged cases report
    • Summary of open/closed/new cases
    • Staff member case lists
    • Cases by department
    • Many more
  • GPL (Open Source) License
    • No supplier lock-in
    • Freedom to modify to suit organisational requirements
    • Ongoing unrestricted access to updates and enhancements

OpenCaseTracker was developed by Jason Cleeland and can be installed, maintained and enhanced by Aptigence. Find out more about CaseTracker here:

OpenCaseTracker is a living piece of software undergoing continuous improvement. A list of the most recent bug fixes and new features is available here: